Celebrating our First Month in Business

Our first month has flown by! In this time, we have also celebrated our first year in Essex! Two huge milestones in the same week, and so much accomplished in just 12 months! When we moved to New York from California, we did not plan to ever open a restaurant again. We had planned to grow Rove + Dwell, focus on our family, and design work which is a deep passion of mine. Well, life takes turns, and we ended up doing a lot more work on our cottage than we had planned. We got wrapped up in doing some odd jobs here and there, and Toni was feeling really down. Without the hustle and bustle of running a restaurant he seemed pretty down. Seeing my husband so unhappy and sort of lost with the loss of his dreams and passions, we started looking at options, on a smaller scale to step into the food service industry here in Essex. It didn't take long until a conversation was started about a food truck at the Hub on the Hill. So we started Rove + Dwell Food Truck, what a hit that was, and so much fun! We kept getting the question of where we were going to go in the winter, and to be honest we did not have a plan or even think we'd be doing anything. Until we were approached about the Ice Cream Cafe... and here we are!

We've been so blessed to share something that has been a part of Toni's family for decades. Recipes that are generations old, and some new favorites we've made with the ice cream... Ice Cream French Toast to start! I've rekindled the joy I get from being creative with food photography, blogging and styling the cafe with my own touch.

Just having the freedom to create for both Toni and I is such a joyful outlet and one we get to build together, as a family. We've gotten each of the kids involved in some way with the family business, from helping print menus, spell checking, even creating unique specials with the ice cream.. of course their favorite way to help is tasting all of the new ice creams and ice cream creations before we launch them on the menu! One thing we will never lose sight of is spending time with, and including the kids in the family business. After all everything we do is for their future!

Thank you to everyone who has come into the cafe, shared us, and welcomed us so warmly to Essex. We are grateful to be here where it is safe, magical, and so much of what this family needed to feel whole again.


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